This page discusses about BIRDS – the treatment, Care, Maintenance & taming procedure of all kinds of birds in NATURAL way which is safer, more effective & less expensive.

About me: My profession is Treatment & Nutrition Consultant (Human) at “The Fig Tree Health Group USA” – A Holistic/Natural treatment center in New York, USA. The Avian treatment I perform are based on my own experience of 23+ years of bird-keeping & caring, my knowledge on Holistic/Natural treatment obtained through my job in combination of my knowledge gained through consulting with many Avian Vets during my stay in New York.

I am also a certified Aviculturist by “The American Federation of Aviculture Inc. USA” and a member there.

All the photos I would post here are only of my own birds & the suggestions I would make have all been successfully tried on my own birds as well many other birds of others.

You can only post photos of your own birds. Discussion on medicinal treatment & ideas that are in any way damaging for birds mental or physical health are Strictly Prohibited in this group.

My goal is to improve the aviculture of Bangladesh & to help people learn & maintain bird health & living situation in BIRDS own WAY, which is the best way to maintain the harmony of their physical & mental health.